Friday, April 1, 2011


I started writing a blog entry about a chandelier. The word chandelier spelled just this way.  Microsoft Word underlined the word in red. I puzzled over the red line a little, but kept on writing.
A suggestion was made at a school board meeting on March 3, 2011 that an elaborate lighting fixture was needed in the impressive lobby (atrium) of Grieco Elementary School. How many computers do you think you can buy with the cost of a fancy lightning fixture of the magnitude that would grace the area? I’ve just finished remodeling my home. 10 would be my guess, if not more. The golden tassel that hangs there now should grace the ceiling above to stand as a symbol and reminder that we understand where priorities lie.
I was thinking about the big fancy light, but I really couldn’t write because I was preoccupied with that red line under the word chandelier. Microsoft Word kept telling me that I was spelling the word incorrectly. The new Superintendent of the Englewood School District was talking about buying a fancy light that Microsoft Word told me I couldn’t spell.
Well sir, The Oxford Illustrated Dictionary and Miriam Webster agrees with me. Chandelier –  an  ornamental branched hanging support for several candles or electric light bulbs. I took both situations as prime examples of when to question authority.  There are times when one accepts without question and times when one makes noise with objections.
So again, how many computers do you think we can buy with the cost of the big electric light that the editors of Microsoft Word cannot spell? Should we even consider the purchase of such a luxury item at this time? In the neighborhood we would call that type of frivolous purchase showboating or fronting.
The answer is an easy one.  Purchase the chandelier when libraries have computers and up to date books and reference materials in print. Purchase a fancy chandelier after classes have up to date Math, Science, History and English textbooks. And the list goes on and on. When we think of all the things we need that gaudy little tassel hanging there looks better and better.


  1. Amen sister. I'd even accept a flashlight there if it meant my son could get some textbooks!

  2. Textbooks? My granddaughter is complaining that her teachers say there is no paper on which to print homework assignments. Where is the surplus?

  3. The school district is rationing paper. They are rationing Textbooks. They have erected a tent for graduation that has stood on the lawn a full week and graduation is on Friday. Why so long? You be the judge. How many thousands of dollars do you think it cost to keep that tent there all week?