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JUST SAY WHEN ...TO ANYONE SAYING YOU HAVE NO SAY IN YOUR CHILDREN'S EDUCATION. We are Citizens for Public School Education. We are Board Watchers. We want a Board of Education that follows the Law, because following the Law works for everyone. The purpose of this site is to help close the controversial Achievement Gap that is the subject in many educational arenas. Teachers are invaluable when dedicated individuals and are entrusted to encourage, nurture, and teach each child to achieve to the best of his/her individual abilities. Principals, Superintendents, Business Administrators, Support Staff, School Board Members, Attorneys and everyone else in the district must be dedicated to making certain that teachers have whatever they need in order to perform at their best. Teachers must be willing to go the extra mile like millions have done before them. This blog promotes an active, accurate & objective telling of history that includes ALL cultures and their literary, cultural and historical contributions to building America. We are Board Watchers.

Education Matters

School Board Members are Policy Makers. Policy is constructed to enforce the laws and statutes of 18A. School Board members must be willing to both learn policy and to make policy. They should be studious enough to embrace the training offered by the NJ School Boards Association. They should be involved enough to demonstrate to the people who elected them that they have read and understand the agendas.
Candidates for elected offices have a tendency to tell the voters what they believe that they want to hear. School Board Candidates are made of the same cloth. Taxpayers/voters must begin to demand accountability in elected officials. An educated Community brings us one giant step closer to building a great school board.
Education Matters: 
The Roles and Responsibilities 
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What are the expectations of School Board Members?
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Education Matters: Goal Setting

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