Monday, January 27, 2014

The School Board Election That YOU missed!

A Special School Board Election was held on January 16, 2014 at Grieco Elementary School.

SEEK won!

Two sitting board members, all SEEK, and 5 others with 1 abstention voted to move the School Board Elections to November. Page 14 of 20. 14-F-73 APPROVAL - ESTABLISHING THE ELECTION OF MEMBERS OF THE ENGLEWOOD BOARD OF EDUCATION AS THE FIRST TUESDAY AFTER THE FIRST MONDAY IN NOVEMBER .

What does this mean?
  • Voters will not be able to vote on the budget
  • 3 sitting board members with terms expiring in April gave themselves nearly a year more on the board without input from the voters.
  • The President just voted himself another year in charge. 
  • According to Harley Ungar, a study conducted by David Popkin may have shown that many people will not vote in the school board election. She suggested that the supposed $45,000 saved is more important than voters.
  • Taxation without representation - Your taxes pay the tab and you no longer have a say
  • The campaign has begun. 
  • The School Board Election must remain in November for at least 4 years.
Tuesday, January 28 is going to be a very special day.

Board of Education: Special Public Meeting
7:30 PM
Grieco cafeteria
Meeting will include questions from the public concerning the 2012-13 audit of the financial operations of the district

(Will there be answers?)

Municipal Court 73 South Van Brunt St. (Courthouse)
  • Fire house bond ordinance
  • An ordinance amending chapter 8 Boards
  • An ordinance amending chapter 425 tree codes of Englewood
  • An ordinance amending chapter 191 fees code of Englewood
  • An ordinance amending chapter 358 soil erosion
  • City Board Appointments 
The State of the Union Address 2014 by the President 9:00pm

                                       How are the children?