Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Work At Home Must Supplement, NOT Supplant Work At School


A Series of Books is NOT a Reading Program.
A series of books is simply part of the materials list used in the Reading Program's Curriculum.

In each Curriculum, Projected Resources must be listed. The Reading Series are Resources.

A Reading Program is Curriculum inclusive of this Series of "Readers" that are vertically aligned to match the Literacy Curriculum.

This Literacy Curriculum includes units, week to week and day to day lessons with individual and classroom hands on activities. This Curriculum includes activities that address all learning styles of all children. This is called Differentiated Teaching or Instruction and Learning. It insures that your child will not be LEFT BEHIND, BECAUSE HE OR SHE LEARNS DIFFERENTLY. It reaches out to each student's individual ability and builds from there. Development of this program must be left to and demanded of the Professionals, not School Board Members. School Board Members have not been trained and do not have the information or the expertise to make the decisions. The School Board Member's job is to create policy based on the LAW and Legislation that mandates the creation of programs that address the Academic needs of ALL students. They are further tasked with the responsibility to make certain that the Professionals adhere to such policy.

It is a vertical Program that goes from Pre K - 8th grade or whatever the creators decide. Parents should be able to tell very

quickly whether or not the child has met or exceeded grade level without a diagnostic test. A quality Reading Program provides Teachers with a road map. Back in the day, when Professionals were allowed to do their jobs and the hard work of good teachers was rewarded with great students, teachers were trusted to create this Curriculum.

It will encourage ALL children to become better readers and better students. Even

the children who have parents who think their children have gotten the best are missing out on a world of information and practice when a School District does not have a VERTICALLY ALIGNED AND ARTICULATED Pre k - 8 Reading Program. (Check the language in your QSAC mandates from the state.)

We, as Parents, Grandparents, Guardians, Clergy, Politicians, Everybody has a responsibility to fight for the children's right to quality Reading Instruction. It is what will make our Society strong and keep the jail cells empty.

If it feels like your school district is forcing you to teach your children to read, they probably are. Work with your children at

home is supposed to supplement what happens at school, not supplant (replace) it. Remember that. Supplement, not supplant.
Avid Readers make better Cops, Teachers, Doctors, Lawyers, Dentists, Foreign Policy Makers, Congressman, Legislators, Senators, Firemen, Plumbers, Electricians, Farmers School Board Members and Presidents. I am sure you get the picture. If not, get a clue.

Reading is more fundamental than ever before. Do not allow your school district to down play the teaching of reading. There is no getting away from the fact that there will be standardized tests. If

not PARCC, then some other. The test will not only assess reading skill, it will assess mastery of English Grammar. Question whether or not this is being taught. 

Do this for your children. 
Do this for your country that is lagging behind other countries where English is not even the first language.

Math is a Language that cannot be championed without adequate reading skills. The TEST that will determine the rest of your child's life is given in ENGLISH. Students must Read to Write to Communicate to Survive.

Ask questions. Make sure that the Diagnostic used in your School District is not assessing something that has NOT been taught. That is unfair to your child and his/her Teachers. It is unfair to all of the Professionals that we pay. Make sure that your child's Teacher knows him/her and is not just making flowery comments to satisfy the job of creating a Report Card. 

Demand Accountability from everyone, including yourselves.

Join the Crusade to create better Readers.