Friday, April 8, 2016

What is a Qualified Zone Academy Bond?

Special Meeting of the Englewood Public School District held
at 7:30 am in Dizzy Gillespie Auditorium. 

A Special EPSD School Board meeting was called
 **to give the Superintendent of Schools permissionto apply for an "interest free loan" of $15, 580, 000.00 from QZAB.and to...
**eliminate the planned Tax Levy included in the present Budget.Click here for the Agenda.
Click here for IRS Compliance mandates. 

Specific wording changes were made on the spot.
Henry Pruitt III and Molly Craig-Berry were absent.

All voted yes, except for Stephen Brown who abstained.

Attended by 4 Residents............
What is a Qualified Zone Academy?
The term “qualified zone academy” means any public school (or academic program within a public school) which is established by and operated under the supervision of an eligible local education agency to provide education or training below the postsecondary level if—

(A)such public school or program (as the case may be) is designed in cooperation with business to enhance the academic curriculum, increase graduation and employment rates, and better prepare students for the rigors of college and the increasingly complex workforce,

(B)students in such public school or program (as the case may be) will be subject to the same academic standards and assessments as other students educated by the eligible local education agency,

What are Qualified Zone Academy Bonds?

For Application instructions and conditions click here

Interesting tidbits..............
**Once the Qualified Zone Academy is established, determine projects’ scope (anything except new construction).

**Once the size and scope of school projects are determined, locate a “Qualified Contributor,” a business/nonprofit partner, to supply a 10% matching grant.

**Pearson must love this. Create a test designed to fail low income students in Urban areas and then create software that promises to fix the people who fail. I love it. Good, old fashioned American Business Sense. Good for Pearson. 

Let us hope that it is good for us as well.