Friday, April 29, 2011

Are Young Men & Women Being Inadvertently Groomed for the E.A.G.L.E School?

Adults must take care that they do not appear hypocritical when dealing with the subject of bullying. Much of adult behavior that has been in the press & media lately may be interpreted as bullying. For instance, our President was recently bullied into showing his birth certificate.

What is it called when a "homeless person" is arrested for sending her child to school out of district? If you are homeless, you have no district. Talk about transparency.  What is it called when you push a person around who cannot or will not fight for themselves?
Teachers and working class people all over this country are being bullied. Micromanagers in corporations and smaller businesses are indulging in behavior that may be compared to bullying. It is systemic in our society, corporations and school districts.  When a competent and conscientious worker on any level is constantly stressed about whether he/she will have a job tomorrow, there is evidence of bullying. 
Teachers must be careful when doling out punishments that the punishment fits the crime or infraction. For example, how long should a student be removed from the learning environment when the infraction was “tapping on a desk”?
Children emulate the behavior around them. We must all look within and take our own advice. The Golden rule applies to everyone. We must be ever mindful that our actions are not saying, "do as we say, not as we do." Is it really such a mystery as to why our youth are beginning to rely more and more on bullying behavior in order to get their wants and points across to each other?

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