Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Englewood Schools Tour: 2nd Stop Grieco Elementary School

                             Jeff White
Grieco Elementary School is located on Durie Avenue directly across the street from the football field and stadium. It includes instruction for grades 1 through 3. We were greeted in the atrium by Jeff White, the principal. He was in his shirt sleeves, covered in ID badges and immersed in the daily activities. The pristine school was buzzing with activity. Several classes passed as  we waited in the lobby area. The receptionist area provides a pleasant place to greet visitors and to secure the building entrance. 2 members of the security personnel were on duty in the sunny area. It is probably a chilly duty for the receptionist in winter months. We visited several classrooms. The strong emphasis on the Dual Language Program was still obvious. We were only there a short time. The students seemed engaged and responsive in the classes we visited. They were well behaved in the cafeteria and halls. It is a beautiful facility with a grand entranceway and the children seem very happy.  I have one issue with the atrium area. It is an Elementary School. As a precautionary safety precaution the second floor balcony area needs rethinking and should be secured more effectively. 
I was especially impressed with the room to the right. That is a magnificent view of 
Winton White Stadium.  I do not know how the room is used, but it would make a great place to relax andb lunch. I am glad my neighbor signed me up for this tour even though the visit was short and covered only a tiny preview of a day in the life of Grieco Elementary School.
The following vision statement appears on the school's homepage.

The Vision of Grieco School is:
To develop and maintain an atmosphere that is positive, caring and respectful;
            To foster a love of learning that encourages creative problem solving, risk taking, and critical thinking in our learning community;
To create an environment in which students are able to integrate knowledge and learning into daily life in preparation for the 21st century and to embrace and respect cultural diversity;
To allow each person to achieve his/her potential through a community of collaboration in which he/she will become a contributing member of society.

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