Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Englewood Schools Tour: 3rd Stop Dr. Leroy McCLoud Elementary School

Michael Brown is the clean cut principal of Dr. Leroy McCloud Elementary School. Grades 4, 5, and 6 attend this school. We were met at the reception desk by Limona Wright who is part of building security. The welcome desk in each school is a very positive step in the right direction towards improving school climate. One of the parents inquired about visiting a regular classroom. The answer was that there was no regular class. Mr. Brown agreed to show us what was close to what he thought she wished to see. It included students with various labels including the "Ivys". I did not know that these labels were also being used to identify and separate our children at this level. I was surprised when we walked into the room. The teacher was one of my former students. It was not a set up. I had never met Mr. Brown before in my life. I had heard my neighbor speak of him, because he was principal in her son's school.
We were taken to the left as we entered the building so we did not get to see very much of the new wing. I wanted to see the Library. It is really nice from the outside.
Dual Language is still emphasized. Dr. Carlisle seemed proud of a teaching team that consisted of a Social Studies and Language teacher. The shortness of the visit did not allow us to see any of the lesson. .

Dr. Leroy McCloud Elementary School's website homepage does not include a vision statement. It lists the district mission statement only. I expected a statement at this level that would naturally grow out of the ones already indicated in the lower grades. This was disappointing because vision statements should not disappear as the students grow older. They should become less general. Perhaps this is something that should get a bit of attention. The Mission of the Englewood School District is to provide educational excellence by creating a learning environment that empowers all students to achieve the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards and to master the academic and social skills necessary for success as individuals and as members of a global community.


  1. Do these labels affect a students future in the higher graded? Do they determine on any scale, how a child is placed in the higher grades? If so, then parents need to be concerned if their children are not on the Ivy track.

  2. Parents should be concerned if their children enter Grieco without being able to read. Ivy begins in Grieco. Ivy very clearly becomes Academy Prep. All children should be on TheIVY Track. Children are clearly being treated and taught differently.