Saturday, July 27, 2013

On The Subject of Delta T

Rumor about town is that the referral Companies Delta T and Mission One have already called their employees and advised them that they will be returning to work in September. We realize that they may have been assured that this delay and subsequent evaluation is a mere formality to satisfy a minority of Board Members and some Community Members.

As a Community, we must all weigh in and ask that:

  • Criteria for Rehire of Delta T include some indication that our Board and Administration has higher Expectations for persons working with the Special Needs Children in the Englewood Public School District.
  • Please email the Board Members and ask that they require proof and documentation that each "independent contractor" has at least 60 college credits and has been certified by the Executive County Superintendent
  • Criminal Background Checks - They should also make sure that each "referral Agency" has been fingerprinted, vetted and cleared
  • The 2 items listed above shall have priority over the concept of whether the "outsourcing" saved a few dollars a head or NOT.

The one and most important thing that we must all remember and bring to the attention of our elected officials is that although Delta T is a vendor, they are not providing widgets or lawnmowers. They are providing "independent contractors" to work with our most vulnerable children. This means that Mark deMontagnac was right and it is a personnel issue. Some Board members do not wish to admit when they were wrong. It is very selfish of these people to continue to deal with Delta T as if they are vendors supplying inanimate objects for sale.

Board Members must be made to understand that we understand that these "independent contractors" must still be held to a standard. That standard includes the mandate that they have at least 60 credits and have a credential from the County Executive Superintendent. Otherwise we might as well get a few seniors in high school to do the job of babysitting. (Englewood may have abolished the title Paraprofessional, but the state has not)

They must also be vetted and pass a criminal background check prior to being hired and sent into our schools. We all know that this is not the case. Each person reading this post has a responsibility to write to our Board and demand that they ask Delta T for the Credentials of each "independent Contractor"

Left to their own devices, we all know they will deal with the idea of money alone. This last past Board meeting was the only Board meeting in the last 10 years that I have attended where the subject was education and achievement. It was refreshing. We all know that is because HP was not in attendance. Write the emails and letters to the board asking that they demand to see the credentials of every single "independent contractor." 

If they are not willing to do this they do not have the best interest of the children as priority and the district will continue to fail.

                                               " How are the children?"