Saturday, November 2, 2019

The Great Equalizer

The Key to a great Board of Education, that functions the same for
all children and upholds the Constitution and the laws of the state of New Jersey is an informed Community. 

Our task is not an easy one. 

Many people are intimidated by the process and the title these people share. 

Remember that board members are just like the rest of us when they are not seated at that long table. 

The Law is the great equalizer. It protects the rich, the moderately rich, the middle class and the folks who are struggling to make the ends meet. It protects the homeless and it protects the undocumented children. It is supposed to treat all the same regardless of the size of the bank account or the address.

Board Members
Must follow the Law. 

They Shall follow the Law. 
Laws have been ignored. 
Laws have been broken.
Too many have looked the other way.

An Englewood School board member entered directly into a contract with the Englewood Board of Education.

No member of any board of education shall be interested directly or indirectly in any contract with or claim against the board, nor, in the case of local and regional school districts, shall he hold office as mayor or as a member of the governing body of a municipality, nor, in the case of county special services school districts and county vocational school districts, shall he hold office as a member of the governing body of a county.

We the people have the power,
 to call them out legally
 when they refuse to comply
 with the Laws of the state of New Jersey.

The next Englewood Board Meeting has been re-scheduled to 
November 14, 2019 @ Grieco School
                            Click this link for the Agenda.

Monday, October 14, 2019

It is Almost Time to Get Out There and Vote

Right to Left, William Feinstein, Suzanne Mullings & Samuel Trusty

"...As an alumnus of the Englewood School System, I have a vested interest in the welfare of Englewood’s educational condition.
I want the children of Englewood to find the same delight in their educational experience that I had the opportunity to experience. I will dedicate time to advocate for our children and their future by improving the educational foundation the district provides to ensure our children are viable participants in the national workforce..."
Suzanne Mullings - Candidate for Englewood Board Education

"...We need school board members who will work for all our children. I will fight to ensure that every child receives the highest quality education. I will work to create an environment and culture that is conducive to teaching and learning, creating a positive experience for all students, teachers, administrators and parents. We need change to restore competence and confidence to the Englewood Public School District..."
William Feinstein - Candidate for Englewood Board of Education

Bill Feinstein is not new to the City, the School District or the race for equity in our Schools.

"... As a board member and policy maker my number one priority will be to ensure we are Providing EVERY child with the BEST education to prepare them for success.    
While doing that, we must also balance the interests of all stakeholders including, Our Students & Parents, our Teachers & Administrators and The Englewood Taxpayer.  I look forward to your questions and to discuss the future of the Englewood Public Schools..."

Claiming a future for our Children

I am very passionate and committed to the success of the Englewood Public Schools. I was fortunate to receive a great education that prepared me for the world outside of Englewood and I want every child today to receive that same great education and experience. As a community we have a responsibility, to ensure that each child is given that same opportunity from day one. We must put a very strong emphasis on early education. When a child falls behind in the early grades, it becomes extremely difficult, if not sometimes impossible, for that child to catch up.

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Check Your Child's Summer Packet Now!

Current 4th Grade Parents:
Make sure you check the books given to your children to read over the summer. I am truly at a loss as to why with all of the magnificent material out there, that these books were chosen.
My grandson shares my concern and actually tried to hide the books from me. Why? And who chose the reading material? It is difficult enough as it is to inspire children to do the summer reading. He informed me this morning that he will not even begin to read anything until the end of July. As I read these pages, I totally agree.

It appears to have come from the Superintendent's Office. Now, I ask you, who would be the most likely person to choose the Summer Reading Materials than the class room teachers, who know the children?

Please pray for the children, they are not well. We have trusted people with their Education, Health and Safety who do not have a clue.

Our Schools are In Crisis, and our Children are NOT WELL!

Englewood Board of Education:
How many more families are we going to lose to Bergenfield and other School Districts, because our Superintendent does not have a clue in hell as to how a School District is ran?

Did he forget that his salary is based on student enrollment?

All 9 of you are required to  remind him.

Wednesday, June 19, 2019


Uniform Memorandum of Agreement between Boards Of Education and Law Enforcement Officials. (the MOA)

Article 1.10
*Alternative method to handle first-time juvenile offenders who committed minor juvenile offenses

*Provides a prompt resolution for the victim
*Immediate consequences issued (e.g., community services, restitution)

*Prevents creation of "juvenile delinquency record"

*All law enforcement agencies may utilize
stationhouse adjustment to handle minor offenses

*A school only needs to be notified if it if the victim of the crime (e.g., trespassing on school property, theft)

The complete 2019 Uniform Agreement between Education and Law Enforcement Officials. Neither Party is allowed to remove anything already included in the document.

The MOA is where School District Policy meets the Laws of the State of NJ. It is mandated by law, reviewed and signed by the NJ Attorney General and the NJ Commissioner of Education, after being signed by the Executive County Superintendent and the County Prosecutor.




Friday, June 14, 2019

Is Your High School Child Headed To Jail?

Learn to recognize conflicts of interest and violations of the Code of Ethics for School Board Members, when you see them. 

This knowledge is guaranteed to make your child's education in Englewood, New Jersey a lot more fulfilling. Get the Education that your children deserve.

Image may contain: text
                                 How to use this booklet 

"All students and their families should know their rights, whether or not they seek to challenge a disciplinary decision. Well-informed students, families, educators and community stakeholders can use this information to advocate for fair disciplinary practices in their school and district. 

This booklet has a lot of internet links that you can and should use to improve your school’s approach to discipline, get connected to other families and organizations working on changing school discipline, and get more information about protecting your rights. 

If you have any trouble accessing these links, please contact the Education Law Center for printed versions of each link. 

Know that this booklet is based on New Jersey state law. While your school’s code of conduct can give you more rights than this, it cannot give you fewer. 

Be sure to review your local code, and contact the Education Law Center if it does not comply with state law. 

If you or your student is facing a suspension or expulsion, please turn to the Know Your Rights section on page 4 and the School Discipline Checklist on page 26 Table of contents." 
Make this your go to document when dealing with Boards of Education regarding your child's behavior in school.

School Discipline in New Jersey: A toolkit for students, families, and advocates

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

A Question of Ethics and Stability


First there are some questions pertaining to this after school program. 

I would like to know; 
  • What are the costs per child? 
  • Will the superintendent/board be provided proof of background checks? 
  • Will the people working in the after school program have experience with a Title I district that resembles the cultural and economic diversity of Englewood? 
  • Will you look to hire people from Englewood who are familiar with the strengths and challenges of our children? 
  • What is the staff turnover rate?


As elected officials you take an oath to abide by a Code of Ethics which is dictated by New Jersey law. I am very disturbed by the actions initiated by board members over the course of the past year. These actions clearly indicate that school board members 
don’t know, 
don’t understand, 
don’t care about following the Code of Ethics or about the best interests of our school district.

Everything from questionable 

relationships, to threats of
Too many substitutes in our
classrooms everyday.
potential violence toward community members, to most recently Ms. Lerner and Ms. Schwartz’ emails. 

I find it very concerning that Ms. Lerner chose to empathize with Mr. Berrios and chastise Mr. Rodriques. There is never a justifiable reason for an elected official to shout obscenities or threaten 
community members in front of their children. 

And to 
condemn Mr Rodriques for taking 
a stand and holding the board to
Not enough Student
to nurture our 
children, or yours
task by asking that they abide by the oath that they took and the NJ Code of Ethics for School Board Members clearly indicates that you are not concerned about being the best board member, you can be. 

Laws/guidelines/codes are created for a reason and the blatant disregard for these laws/guidelines/codes is disrespectful not only to our community and children but to yourselves.
Ms. Schwartz’ email to the board is also indicative of the mass confusion about the roles and responsibilities of board members. Posts on people’s personal FB pages are not the business of the board and while some may find issue with Mr. Whilby's posts, the constitution of the United States protects his freedom of speech. So, I am very curious to know, Ms. 

Schwartz, why were you on Mr. Whilby’s FB page and why do you feel what he posts is considered BOE business? Some might consider that stalking.
Enough is enough. If you are not going to follow the law on policies and Code of Ethics, which is 18A for reference, and not attend trainings to improve your skill set and knowledge as board members, if
 you are going to stalk and threaten community members 

(and for the record, Mr Berrios is not the only board member to have confronted a community , member-video to come) 

then please, for the sake of our children and our community step down. We will appreciate and respect you for acknowledging that maybe this isn’t the best role for you

Amy Jones Bulluck

Friday, May 10, 2019

Is Englewood Disenfranchising Her Children?

I’m hearing a lot about the brawl having racial undertones behind it and the punishment that the CHILDREN should be and are facing. What I am not hearing is what role the district management (or lack there of) or the community has played in bringing this incident to fruition. 

What has the district done to help children value each others differences? 
What role has the district played in creating such an atmosphere? Yes fights happen, but what is being done to prevent them?

Are Englewood are teachers required to have any type of diversity training? Are they trained on how to promote equity & diversity in the classroom? 

Many employers are now requiring employees to attend diversity training. They actually have employees for the very purpose of promoting the concept of valuing diversity in the work environment. Do we?

The next question is how is equity and diversity promoted in the classroom? 
  • Are children given any guidance in valuing those who are different? 
  • Are we teaching them how to appreciate their differences? 
  • Are we teaching them how to identify commonalities? 
  • How to show empathy? 
  • How to negotiate through difficult situations? 
  • How to agree to disagree?
My guess is the answers to theses questions are NOT! Why? Because we as a city are not exhibiting these behaviors and values. Everything in this damn city is a public fight. Hill vs valley, Black vs Jew, rich vs poor, resident vs non-resident, Hispanic vs white Hispanic, and on and on and on. And as evidenced by the April 11, 2019 some are resorting to vigilantism (I’ll share more about my thoughts on that in another post).
So really Englewood, what example are we setting for the children? What is the educational system doing to teach children to do and be better? Is the fight really the children’s fault or is it our fault for not equipping them with the tools they need to successfully navigate through a disagreement? This incident tells me that our children are frustrated. 

They are telling us to do our jobs as adults, community members, city leaders, district leaders.

They are telling us they want to be heard. 

They are crying out for help. 

They are testing us and so far we are failing­čśô

Amy Jones Bulluck

Conduct Unbecoming.....!

By now most of you have seen the video of the April 11 Board of
Education meeting showing the School Board member, Mr Berrios, confronting a community member. There have been calls for him to step down and quite honestly I think he should. Let’s think about the impact that his refusal to step down will have on the community and how he may have done so and maintained some level of respect from the community.

To be fair let’s review the reason, Mr Berrios, stayed is source of contention.

First, he clearly accuses a community member of threatening his 12 yr old daughter prior to the meeting. The community member did not make any statements containing Mr. Berrios’ name or reference his daughter at the meeting. While in my opinion, the community member did not threaten his daughter, as a parent, I am not going to judge his perception.

I, at the same meeting, had a woman, whom I do not know, scream erratically at me because my child is in the charter school. Not knowing this woman obviously gave me cause for concern that she knows my child was in a charter school. Now, I have not kept it a secret that my kid attends EPCS, but for someone I don’t know to be actively monitoring what I do with my child is concerning. So I get it.

But let’s be honest, if a parent really feels their child is in danger or has been threatened, wouldn’t a reasonable, mature, adult contact the authorities (police) immediately? As least that’s what I did right after the meeting. I Filed a police report. So I have to wonder,  why didn’t Mr. Berrios contact the authorities? Why did he opt to confront the community member days after the alleged threat?

Now let’s fast forward to the meeting on May 1. The Board President offers an apology on behalf of the Board. Mr Berrios, offers an apology, with a justification, and a reference to the fact that he continued on with his normal routine (coordinating his science team and coaching baseball). First of all, an apology with a justification indicates to me that he is not really apologetic for his actions. He still feels his actions were justified, but he is sorry if he offended us. Why is this important? It tells us that he feels there is justification for threatening physical violence, which likely indicates that he either has done this before, or will do it again, or both.

His refusal to step down also gives us an indication of how he really feels about his role as a school   Instead of the community being able to focus on what can enhance our district, we are now trying to figure out how to protect our children from those we elected to serve them.
board member. It’s about him and not the children. One would hope that as a school board member the children would be what is most important. His blatant disregard for the children on April 11 continued into the meeting on May 1. His behavior caused him to lose the confidence of the community.  Quite frankly, I don’t appreciate him using the children to try and prove a point. Our kids are the point.

At this point, what chance there was of Mr. Berrios maintaining any semblance of dignity or respect the community has been lost. Had Mr, Berrios truly been sorry and really considered the children to be most important his response would have gone something like;
"As a school board member and an elected official, I am held to a higher standard on the night of April 11, I failed to meet that standard. The community placed not only their trust but the education of their children in my hands and I have failed them. For this I offer my sincerest apologies to all. My actions prevented the school board from conducting necessary business to keep our schools functioning. My actions redirected the focus away from the children which contradicts my whole purpose for being a board member. While I offer no excuses for my behavior the events over that last few weeks culminating in my irresponsible behavior has taught me that, while my intentions are to help children, being a school board member, an elected public position, may not be the best way for me to accomplish my intentions. It is apparent that I do not have the temperament or disposition to tolerate being an elected official. I thank the people who supported me. I am sorry that I let you down. I am officially stepping down from my position as a member of the Englewood Board of Education. I will look to understand more about myself and how I may be able to drive positive change for our children.
How might you have felt differently about Mr. Berrios if he had offered an apology such as this? We all make mistakes but "you got to know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em, Know when to walk away and know when to run." This, Mr Berrios, was a time to fold ‘em and walk away.

Amy Jones Bulluck

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Are You Tired of Being Dismissed?

The events of this week have clearly shown us two things.
1. People are tired of being blatantly dismissed. People are feeling disengaged, disempowered, and ignored. 

2. There are elected officials who have personal agendas and what the residents want is not important to them. They have shown to have an alliance with individuals versus the community.
So what do we do about it? How do we get people engaged and ensure that ALL of our elected officials are held accountable?
First, you must start attending meetings. BOE, Council, Planning Board, Board of Adjustment, etc... This is how you know what is being planned for your community. Of course we understand that it is extremely difficult to attend all these meetings because, after all, we have this thing called life, however we must start to work together. I am sure each one of us has at least 4 friends. Each person take a meeting and report back to the others.

Make sure you are informed on who your respective council person is so that based on the reports you can email your councilperson with your thoughts.

Secondly, we must educate ourselves about the candidates running for various positions. We obviously cannot afford to blindly elect people just because they are in the first column or just because they are our neighbor, or just because. We cannot afford to re-elect people simply because they are the incumbent. Having the position today does not mean you will be the best person for the job tomorrow. Know your candidates.
Now, knowing your candidate does not mean you may not end up supporting the “wrong” candidate. I am guilty of this. The person I supported turned out to be all the way wrong!! It’s okay though. Lesson learned. I certainly won’t vote for them next time.
Thirdly, thing we absolutely must do is actually vote. This is where our power lies. We literally have the power to hire and fire by pushing a button. 
We have several officials up for re-election this year
Ward 2 Michael Cohen
Ward 4. Wayne Hamer
Board of Ed (should they chose to run)
Think about what these candidates have done for you during the last three years? 
  • What changes have they supported in our city? 
  • What impact have they made? If you don’t know you have every right to reach out to them and ask. They are applying for a job and you are the hiring manager. How else would you know who is the best candidate without interviewing them?
Now, are you ready for change? Are you ready to make a difference? Are you ready to take back the power that rightfully belongs to you? You should be. It’s your life that’s being impacted. 
It’s your child’s life being affected.
If you’re not ready, why not? 
What will it take for you to get ready? 
How can we help?

Amy Jones Bulluck