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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Hello, From The Petri Dish!

Do you tire of being the subject of an experiment?

What can we do other than continue to grow and multiply?

Go to the Doctor!

Take your children to the Doctor.

Fill your prescriptions as far ahead as the plan allows.

Get a physical for yourself and all covered children.

Make sure everyone gets a renewal prescription on glasses.

Make that trip to the Dentist that we all put off to the last minute.

Check those braces and retainers!

You have a limited amount of time to use your medical benefits.

Use them now so that you will have more of a safety net for, "What IF."

Update all things medical.

Make sure that you and your children are okay for the long haul, before you leave the plantation.

Attention Everyone:
Unemployment cannot force you to open your own business.
"Independent Contractors" own their own businesses.
How many of you got help from Delta T in filling out your 1099.

Another thing, worker's compensation is paid by your employer.
You are one or the other. You are either an employee or you are an "independent contractor"
This re-classification is something that is in dispute all the way up
to the federal level as something that may very well be a violation
of your civil rights as a worker.

Read this report and keep the contents in mind when you
search for another job and collect unemployment.

Petri dish (or Petri plate or cell culture dish) is a shallow glass or plastic cylindrical lidded dish that biologists use to culture cells or small moss plants.