Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Petition Closing: Preparing to take it to Trenton

Citizens 4 Public Education and Englewood 

Residents United Are a Force that Cannot and Will

Not Be Ignored. We Have Demanded

Accountability from the Englewood School Board

and Justice for Our Children. We Shall be Granted 

Our Redress! Englewood, Make No Mistake, the 

Struggle is Just Beginning! STAND

Become part of the solution. Bad things happen to 

children when good people do nothing but watch.

What good is that?

On Thursday, the Petition for a Forensic Audit on the Englewood Board of Education will officially close. Friday the electronic copy will be sent to the Comptroller and to Commissioner Cerf. The hard copy will be delivered in person to the School Ethics Commission.

Children all over the world are standing for themselves. Do not allow them to stand alone!

              How are the children?

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  1. Good going Englewood! 100 more signatures today. Keep them coming! You have convinced me to keep it open a little longer.