Monday, August 20, 2012

ARBITRARY & CAPRICIOUS: Capricious & Arbitrary

Was Arbitrary & Capricious Behavior Involved in Abolishing Paraprofessional Positions in the Englewood Public School District? 

This Act Establishes measures to provide employment stability for 
teaching paraprofessionals employed in school districts that receive federal funding under Title I of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. 

How are the children? How are the children? How are the.....


  1. Hello - 2 things. (1) i found out something interesting about Delta. It seems they are not licensed to provide related services in schools. They are licensed to provide school nursing services. NJAC 6A:14-5.2 says any provider or related services must be "approved" by DOE. Interesting that a company operating in 18 states doesn't know the pertinent regulations it must adhere to

  2. Also, on your other site, the one with all the laws listed...did you mean to post the chapter 18 links? They all refer to the NJ School Boards Assn and their policies and procedures,, etc. I thought maybe you meant to post chapter 14 - 6A Special Education? Just trying to help your website look its best! It's a great site and very helpful.

  3. Maisy,
    Thank you for your constructive criticism. The abolishing of the paraprofessionals took me off task. The other site will eventually deal with education law in total. I got side tracked. I did not expect an all out attack on persons who work with our most vulnerable students. I like your style. How would you like to join the struggle. We need people like you.