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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Delta T, A Hotbed of Controversy and Litigation: Why is EPSD Signing a Contract with them?

Delta T describes itself as "a referral agency for independent "contractors of services: - a broker" that brings together independent behavioral healthcare professionals with clients who need their services." That is very odd since they depend on the services of to supply them with applicants. So why does the Board need Delta T again? 

 Delta T employees call them a "temporary staffing agency, supplying temporary staffing relief to the mental and behavioral healthcare industry. 

 We call that a "Temp Agency" where I live.

“As corporate budgets continue to tighten, more employers are looking to classify workers as independent contractors in an effort to reduce costs, such as overtime compensationemployee benefitspayroll taxes, unemployment compensation, and workers compensation,” 

 At this juncture, we must remember that we are not a corporation. We are a public school district. Hidden within the decision to "outsource" is the desire to reclassify former Board of Education employees (paraprofessionals) as "independent contractors" so the Board of Education will no longer be responsible to:
  • to fill out income tax forms (Delta T employees must file 1099 forms themselves)
  • to pay social security deductions
  • provide medical coverage
  • provide dental coverage
  • pay for lunch breaks or meal breaks
  • provide rest breaks
  • provide reimbursement for business related expenses
  • evaluate the work of the employees
  • supervise paraprofessional personnel
  • communicate with workers on a day to day basis
  • pay for sick days or vacation time
  • pay overtime
  • pay unemployment benefits
  • pay worker's compensation
The million dollar question right now is to whom does this "independent contractor" report since the  Delta T agency claims to be a "referral agency?" Who, pray tell, is the responsible party here? Who is going to protect the children entrusted with "independent contractors" who are slightly less than happy with the short straw they have drawn. The Board is no doubt depending on the current paraprofessionals who have already proven themselves to apply for the jobs through Delta T because the job market is devoid of positions.

Through the smoke and mirrors the "real deal" pokes it's ugly head. The jury is still out on whether or not the employees of Delta T are "independent contractors." The class action suit that is still in litigation in the UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA is still going on. Read lines 22 - 28 on page 7 and judge for yourself whether Delta T Group is a good fit for our schools. Read what employees of Delta T have to say about this "Referral Agency."

Note that the current advertisement by Delta T (for Englewood workers) promises to get applicants whatever they need, yet they testified in legal proceedings included in this legal document page 9 lines 5 -11 that they do not train, supervise or evaluate anyone. So if they don't, who does? Do the parents of the Special Needs children of this district deserve to know this? Yes, they do.

This is an update on the Delta T federal class action case :
March 2009
March 10, 2009
November 9, 2009
October 1, 2010
December 13, 2010

Another individual lawsuit: Delta defendant: IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT

An Obama bill seeks to clarify the "independent contractor" controversy but this bill has not made it into law yet. Why is Englewood willing to throw our most vulnerable students into this fray of indecision and controversy? Are they invariably drawn to litigation? Haven't our tax dollars paid enough in lawsuits? Read the text of the bill introduced by President Obama in 2007 while he was still a senator. Why is the board willing to sabotage a bargaining unit that has proven itself worthy through the testimony of concerned  parents of the children nurtured by these individuals?

 Why is the Englewood Board of Education so determined to place our children in the hands of this Delta T Group that has obviously demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt that they care very little about the people they call "independent contractors?" What does this say about the integrity and character of the men and women on the Board of Education? Once again, they are demonstrating that children do not come first. They are proving that they do not deserve the trust of the residents and taxpayers of Englewood. Do they have knowledge of this litigation? Is our Board of Education attracted to litigation?

Read a few of Delta T Group reviews completed by the so called "independent contractors" who work for/with them.

I have a few questions for the Board as always.

  • When will Carlisle's contract be brought into compliance with state law? 
  • What happened to the 5.8 million dollars from the sale of Liberty School? 
  • Is the Englewood Public School District being sanctioned by the state of New Jersey, because they refuse to comply with the CAP on Superintendent salary? 
  • Why is Dr. Carlisle's salary more important than the achievement and safety of our children? 
  • Why is the Englewood School District still building an office building in a flood hazard area and calling it a shed?
  • When will the children come first in this town?

Delta T Refugees: You might end up needing this guy before long. Delta T is making this lawyer famous.