Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Real Per Pupil Cost!

Remember this post when people complain about how much money is spent to educate the children of Englewood. This might even answer the question of why there is never enough paper, books, or even curriculum. The Board agendas are loaded down with Staff Development Workshops. I would like to see the fruit of those work sessions. At least a product is created at the end of curriculum workshops.

Voters and taxpayers should pay careful attention to what is included in the per student cost when determining the actual amount spent to educate children in their districts. The formula recently changed. Every district's per pupil cost is changing. Does this mean that the per pupil cost for Englewood will now be $30,000.00 per pupil?

"Specifically, the Department added the following expenditures to arrive at the total spending number: transportation, special revenues, pension and benefits paid by the state, facilities (including debt service), equipment, total food services, judgments against the school district, and tuition/costs for students sent out of district (except payments to Charter schools). Consistent with the decision to include tuition for students sent out of district, the associated students are added to the enrollment denominator."

Do you follow that when folks sue the school board that amount is added into the cost per student? No one is factoring this into the equation here in Englewood. We have been sued and lost many a litigation in the past 2 years. Is everyone paying attention now?

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