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Sunday, April 17, 2011

"The Dreamer Cometh!"

..."Tell a man he is unworthy of the ideal he has built into his life; he has still something to live for. He may yet strive! But God pity that one who has persuaded himself that his dream is false! The ideal must be true and eternal. It can never be shattered. We may forget it; we may barter away for dross that which is priceless, but whatever our weakness, the Dream is true. Let the cynic scornfully say, "The Dreamer cometh!" With the sobered confidence of youth. with all the humility of manhood we can answer in the very words of cynicism, 'We shall see what will come of his dreams.'"
Excerpt from Dwight Whitney Morrow's commencement speech at Amherst College June 26, 1895