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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Is EPSD Really Firing ALL of the African American Employees?

Rumor is they are trying to cut down on that 

reported $23,000.00 a year per pupil cost by 

firing the rest of the African 

American employees in the district. 

Hello out there! 

Is there any truth to this rumor? 

A lot of people are worried. 

Oh, I forgot, that is your objective. 

Calm down Englewood residents. 

There is a process that must be followed 

when letting people go. 

Do not allow this board to 

rally you 

up in one of their made up 

causes or hissy fits. 

The fact remains that 

they are the only

ones who can fix the mess 

that they have made. 

They also know how to fix it. 

They want you warring with the state of New 

Jersey and with the Teacher's Union. 

I am not a big fan of the state, and I have a 

bone to pick with the Teacher's union, but I

have been watching this little scenario 


Our Board is a run away train.

Did Dr. Carlisle really fire 

Everyone and go off on a trip to the 

Dominican Republic? 

If there is any justice in

the world, 

He has been fired.