Monday, October 14, 2019

It is Almost Time to Get Out There and Vote

Right to Left, William Feinstein, Suzanne Mullings & Samuel Trusty

"...As an alumnus of the Englewood School System, I have a vested interest in the welfare of Englewood’s educational condition.
I want the children of Englewood to find the same delight in their educational experience that I had the opportunity to experience. I will dedicate time to advocate for our children and their future by improving the educational foundation the district provides to ensure our children are viable participants in the national workforce..."
Suzanne Mullings - Candidate for Englewood Board Education

"...We need school board members who will work for all our children. I will fight to ensure that every child receives the highest quality education. I will work to create an environment and culture that is conducive to teaching and learning, creating a positive experience for all students, teachers, administrators and parents. We need change to restore competence and confidence to the Englewood Public School District..."
William Feinstein - Candidate for Englewood Board of Education

Bill Feinstein is not new to the City, the School District or the race for equity in our Schools.

"... As a board member and policy maker my number one priority will be to ensure we are Providing EVERY child with the BEST education to prepare them for success.    
While doing that, we must also balance the interests of all stakeholders including, Our Students & Parents, our Teachers & Administrators and The Englewood Taxpayer.  I look forward to your questions and to discuss the future of the Englewood Public Schools..."

Claiming a future for our Children

I am very passionate and committed to the success of the Englewood Public Schools. I was fortunate to receive a great education that prepared me for the world outside of Englewood and I want every child today to receive that same great education and experience. As a community we have a responsibility, to ensure that each child is given that same opportunity from day one. We must put a very strong emphasis on early education. When a child falls behind in the early grades, it becomes extremely difficult, if not sometimes impossible, for that child to catch up.

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