Friday, May 9, 2014

Will We Survive!?

June 14, 2014 is a very special day. We are continuing the conversation that was started last year at the People's Town Hall on Education Issues and Solutions.

Did you know that your 3rd grade child will be expected to accomplish a 
task that most adults cannot accomplish without sufficient preparation?

3rd graders will be required to type with speed and accuracy in order to perform well in the completion of online standardized tests. 

Third grade. 
How many words per minute do you type (key in) without errors?

Are you able to type without looking at the keys?
Do you use the hunt and peck method?
Do you simply text on the keyboard?
Do you type with all 10 of your fingers?
How many words do you type in 1 minute without errors?

Hunt and peck is almost sufficient for multiple choice.
How will they fare when writing?

More time on task is needed. 
Find an online program and require your child to begin to practice now
even if you are planning to OptOut.
I once harbored ill feelings towards my high school guidance counselor 
She kept telling me that I would make the best secretary
I wanted to be a doctor.
Today, I am thankful that my strong feelings towards her forced me to 
learn to type without looking at the keys.
The computer is a tool. 
The keyboard must become an extension of one's fingers.
Dealing with the machine must NOT be allowed 
to come between your child and success.


These tests will determine the way your child is treated in school for the rest of his or her life.

Typing Through Time: Keyboard History


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