Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Up To $55 million in School Improvement Grant Funds To Help Improve Nine Low Performing Schools

Trenton, NJ – Acting Education Commissioner Christopher D. Cerf announced today the selection of nine low-performing schools that will be eligible for up to $55 million in federal School Improvement Grant (SIG) dollars. These funds are in addition to more than $850 million that Governor Christie added to district budgets across the state this year. These nine schools will each implement a federally-approved school improvement model. Final award amounts will be negotiated and announced in August

Information is Key
At the risk of sounding redundant. The New Jersey Department of Education's official Web site is the gateway to NJ information and services for parents, educators, students, teachers, superintendents, businesses and other taxpaying public. ...
It has the information we ALL need to battle bullying, poor teachers, poor administrators, poor board members, and poor government involvement in education in a righteous effort to uphold the constitution of the state of NJ and of the United States of America..

Please visit often and spend more time there. And yes, I'm so glad to be an American.

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