Friday, July 15, 2011

Real Estate vs. Education

How is it that The Englewood Board of Education just built one brand new building(Grieco), created a gigantic complex out of another (McCloud), added a new wing to another (Quarles) and still did not build a place to house central office? Where is the intelligence behind that bit of business?
Exactly why is it that we do not have a building available to
house our board of education?
(photo courtesy of Kenneth Walton)
How is it that they have sold 2 school buildings, but still do not have enough space to house itself? The word on the street is that Mr. Hunkin has performed his duties so well that the stadium is being renovated into a complex with a state of the art office to house his many activities. Exactly what activities are those since we outsource custodians? Does this man have a workforce that reports to him? To whom does he report? It seems he reports directly to a board member. How weird is that?

Just how effective will Central office be when it is no longer central and it's pieces are spread all over the City?  Folks, we have enough of a mess already. Are you trying to see just how much stuff you can mess up at once? Is this the real reason you are allowing the Cowboy to move his office into our high school?

Where o' where is the money going that is collected from facilities rental? Seems like enough to fund, lets say, the After School Program. Oh, perish the thought. That might actually help somebody. It will be very interesting to see what is done with the money just allocated by Christie.
We see you.

Business is booming, Grants are rolling in, Facilities are rented on the regular, Folks are smiling, shuffling and keeping time, but how are the children?

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  1. Well, the fact that real estate school and education these days mostly do not need any four-sided room to teach and share ideas for students is probably a factor.