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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Old Does not Mean Dead, Unresponsive, Out of Touch or Unintelligent

For several months now, there have been rumblings about how someone should replace the 4th Ward Councilman here in Englewood.  It has been suggested that he is too old and out of touch. That was a concern, since the upper eschelon of the school officials, namely our almost Superintendent suggested that we retired teachers should keep our opinions to ourselves and leave the schools to the young. Is there now a trend of discarding the veterans, their knowledge, experiences and history?

Last night, I attended my first council meeting. Our main concern was that Englewood officials, for both the city and the schools may be squandering our tax dollars. We have been encouraging others to get involved in the school board and in the town so we took our own advice since the meeting did not conflict with a school board meeting.

We were warned of the dire budgetary circumstances that the City of Englewood faces. Translation, get ready for a property tax increase. This was made even more poignant when a Real Estate Resident pointed out that we at the bottom of the hill were assessed more of a percentage on our property taxes than the well to do folks up on the hill who own houses worth much more than our modest homes.

Ordinances were posted on the overhead that say nothing to the lay person except that the activity will cost X amount of tax dollars. It was calming to realize that others felt the same way. That is, that items should also be written in lay language so anyone may understand. The Mayor reminded us several times that he is Mayor and in control of the planning committee. (that also sounded familiar) Several Council People rambled on about pensions, salaries, and the deficit. Going through this writer's mind was why are we steadily spending and borrowing, spending, borrowing and hiring if we are in such dire circumstances financially.

One resident asked that the plaque at right that is located on the deterioating Lincoln School could be saved. I was concerned about the same thing months ago when I did a walking tour of the school buildings, taking note of how enormous the new additions have made the elementary schools. It makes one wonder why the authors of the "Master Plan" did not think of removing this cornerstone and incorporating it into the structure that is now the Grieco school since this school replaced Lincoln. I agree with the resident that suggested that this cornerstone on the corner of Lincoln school facing Englewood Ave and William Street should be saved and placed someplace where people may see these wise words. More people should take heed to the words engraved there.

It was not until the oldest, most experienced Council person spoke that any sense was brought to the proceedings. It was obvious that the wise old man knew what he was talking about. The body language of the entire Council changed as he spoke revealing what they had failed to address in their ramblimgs. He called himself a fiscal person and made specific comments about budget and hiring that were very easily understood. There was applause when he finished speaking. Not one of the others got the same response from the public.  It  makes one curious as to why so many folks want to see him leave his seat as 4th ward Councilman. He is the voice of reason on this council and a voice that is missing from the school board. That old man has probably forgotten more than those young ramblers will ever know. The 4th ward would be in a horrible mess without his voice. He may have his seat as long as he can speak.