Thursday, May 19, 2016

EPSD Teachers of The Year

A Positive Touch

1 teacher from each of the Englewood Public School District's 5 schools was chosen as teacher of the year. Teachers were presented certificates and corsages by the Administrators.

It was a good, short meeting without a lot of filler bustering, brain deed talk. Even Stephen Brown said very little.
They did however keep the Superintendent overlong in the dark parking lot. One wonders what that was all about.

Left to right: Catherine Morrow (McCloud - retired in January)
Eric Alleyne (Janis E. Dismus Middle School)
Michael Hellegers ( Dwight Morrow High School)

Yolanda Salazar (Quarles)
Diocelina Rentas (Grieco Elementary School)
Teachers were presented a certificate and a corsage.
It is good to see these people smile.

Click here for the agenda of tonight's meeting.

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  1. My son had Ms. Rentas as his 2nd grade teacher, last year. She was wonderful. She took so much extra time to help my son. We have since moved and both my son and I miss her. Congratulations Ms. Rentas!