Tuesday, March 22, 2016

What is Dual Enrollment and How Will It Help Englewood Students?

A number of people have expressed concerns regarding the new Superintendent's merit goals. These 5 goals are tied directly to student progress academically. If there is no progress, there is no payment for that particular goal.
Others are showing displeasure at the term "Dual Enrollment". They are not quite understanding how this is even possible. Please read this very informative document concerning the purpose of the Dual Enrollment Program as involving students from the Eagle Academy and other DMHS students who qualify.

"...Early college high schools are schools affiliated with two- or four-year postsecondary institutions that permit students to take college courses while simultaneously earning their high school
diplomas. The credits can be transferred to other colleges after the students finish high school.
The students accepted into early colleges are not always the most gifted students in the district. In fact, they seldom are. Most early college schools target populations that are underrepresented in higher education—those from low-income
families, racial and ethnic minorities, and first generation
college students. ..
***Two-thirds of the students enrolled in early college
high schools were African-American or Latino;
***Eight early college high schools served Native
***Thirty-two schools served students who previously
had dropped out of high school or were at
risk of dropping out;
***The majority of students in early college high
schools were the first in their familes to enroll in
college; and
***Nearly 60 percent of early college students were
eligible for free or reduced-price lunch...." (Title I)
Dual Enrollment is leveling the playing field by increasing the number of doors on which OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS!

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