Friday, November 9, 2012

Suggestion Box: EPSD

Dr. Donald K. Carlisle: Please wear your id. Identify yourself.

The Citizens For Public Education are making a formal request. Please have as many general assemblies as possible and introduce yourself to the students. They do not know who you are. You do not wear identification. Any child that you speak to must know who you are. This is most important since you have taken to handing out suspensions. This is the job of your selected Principal. How are we to know how well Mr. Peter Elbert and his Assistant Principals are doing in their positions, if you continue to do their jobs? This was one of the drawbacks of you installing yourself in our high school building.

You could be any old arbitrary white  man targeting children. Have you been reading the  papers lately?

 A child's life is impacted forever when they are suspended from school. You are dealing with human beings here. Some of them are actually in awe of tall, intimidating white men with power. We do not want anymore children sent to the Vincent Lombardi Educational Center for any reason.

We are doing all we can to terminate "the obvious protest" that is being identified in our young men wearing their pants below their drawers. You, and others must understand that some young men, because of their body types have always had a problem with the pants sagging long before this fad came into being. Men of all types and all races have been identified with this problem. I have seen lots of butts in my years that were exposed because of ill fitting clothing that had nothing to do with this obvious protest movement.

Please keep this in mind when you exercise your power in the hallways of our school buildings.

We are concerned about our children. Please wear id. Identify yourself.

                                             How are the children?

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