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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Our Schools Are In Crisis: To the Editors of FAST

    • It is time for everyone to stop
      depending on hearsay. It is time to get involved. Do the research and stop parroting what people have told you because they are embarrassed by the mistakes they have made. Help them to understand that these mistakes must be dealt with at the source.

      Englewood Residents: Please do not allow the FASTarticle to inflame you or turn you from your course. It is written in earnest. I have not seen the authors at little more than one School Board meeting. They get their information from Board Members themselves. The content of the article demonstrates the disconnect between that group, the board and the rest of Englewood. You would think that people who have so much money and control would also have a passing acquaintance with the truth. 

      The Englewood Board of Education has failed us all. They have failed the residents of every single ward. People in all 4 wards must come out to the board meetings. Regardless of what anyone says the Englewood Public School District has been mismanaged. Outsourcing secretaries and Paraprofessionals will not raise test scores and will not bring the cost of educating students down. 

      There is a formula used in calculating cost per pupil that involves everything from the cost of teachers, food service, operations & maintenance, secretaries, nurses, principals, Superintendents, all salaries and finally facilities. Simpy stating the cost merely shows that having money does not equate to being informed. 

      Test scores will not go up until the school system begins to focus on students and not buildings. Test scores will go up when the focus is shifted to programs and curriculum instead of facilities and fat salaries and packages for teachers, not the lowest paid employees in the district. 

      Regardless of how the article suggests that persons have been involved in creating unrest, the fact remains that the board has been irresponsible with taxpayer dollars. They have folded to special interest groups and have maintained salaries and programs that are not in the best interest of children or taxpayers. They have created unsustainable programs that support apartheid education and that serve to polarize a school system and a community. 

      The text of this article proves the point. The article includes misinformation served to a population that has been duped by a group of people they trusted. Well, join the rest of us. We were fooled also. 

      To the Editors of FAST: A forensic audit will show that the people you elected and trusted to keep your taxes down have failed you and squandered your dollars. I challenge you to put your elected officials to the test. Sign the petition. Call for a forensic audit. In the big picture the issue of outsourcing is merely a diversion. Wake up and get involved in your Community. It is time for you to come down off the hill if you truly care.

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