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Monday, July 23, 2012

Our Schools Are In Crisis: An Equal Education for All is Under Attack!

Join the Residents of Englewood in a walk
Thursday, July 26, 2012 – 6:00 pm
Put on your comfortable shoes and meet us at the Liberty Pole/Monument in the center of town at the junction of Palisade Avenue, Bennett Rd. and Lafayette. Join us in a conversation about achievement & the futures of our children. Walk with us and talk with us. Attend the Board meeting at Grieco School with us. Stand with us and help our voices be heard. We must begin to speak of the real problems that cripple the Englewood Public School District. It is a problem concerning more than jobs. Speak with us. We need you to help us find ways to deal with the very real problems listed below.

  • No Curriculum
  • No Attendance officer
  • No Parent Conferences in Dwight Morrow High School
  • No Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction or anything else. We need an Assistant Superintendent. We lost a Superintendent while in office.
  • No Test score Report from qualified personnel
  • No Concern for the Apartheid Educational Practices
  • No Rigor in classrooms district wide
  • No High Expectations of teachers and administrators for ALL CHILDREN
  • The systemic tracking of children from 3rd Grade through 12th
  • Mismanagement of funds by the Board of Education
  • The failure of the Board of Education to evaluate and redesign failing Educational Models. Non-compliance to the Open Public Meeting Act
  • Poor record keeping, especially for Special Education Students
  • Hiring practices that reek of favoritism
  • Adherence to the laws of the State of New Jersey regarding hiring, certification, facilities, governance, and instruction
  • Violation of the civil rights of women and students
  • The failure to protect our children from predators!
  • High cost of education to the taxpayers of Englewood
The selling of Public Education to private industry by both our Board of Education and the State of New Jersey is not acceptable.

             How are the children? Not well, it seems.