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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Our Schools Are In Crisis

Englewood Residents: Study the Report Card for Dwight Morrow High School in Englewood, New Jersey. Note that there is no separation of the students listed into programs or academies. They are all Dwight Morrow High School students. There is no Eagle Academy and there is no Academy@Englewood. Everyone must let go of the fantasy so we may move on as a district. I am still trying to find the wisdom in the tendency to separate the student population. Apartheid education has no place in the City that collects my property taxes.

Englewood Teachers: I know that some of you have been allowed to play roles as if you live in feudal times. There is no room for nobles here in Englewood. Those days are over. I will personally institute charges against anyone that I witness saying that they object to teaching all children. Those of you who do not wish to TEACH IN THE NORTH BUILDING need to RECOGNIZE where you are. Let this post serve to put you on notice with a promise. The beginning is near. Expectations are set by teachers. Curriculum is driven or not driven, by teachers. Curriculum needs to be written and used by teachers. We must see that you will fight for more than your SALARY and BENEFITS. We must see that you fight for all of the children, not just the ones that you like. There is a climate of neglect at play here and it is HIGH TIME that the Board of Education, Teachers and Administration accept their own part in the malignant neglect.