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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mean Spirits: Not Everyone Is Afraid To Speak Out Against the Rich Oppressors!

Letter Was mean-spirited
I read with revulsion the letter published in the July 19 edition of the Northern Valley Suburbanite signed by Raphael Benaroya, et al ("Come to School board meeting") First, I don't live in Englewood. I am not, nor am I related to any of the support staff in the Englewood schools, nor am I a member of any union. Moreover, I've never been a particularly big believer in tenure for tenure's sake.

Having said that, this letter was one of the most mean-spirited, condescending things I've read in a long time. Why does this lot, none of whom I'd wager are more than four generations out of the shtetl, think they are entitled to pontificate on the value of anyone else's labor?

Being a "brand consultant" or a hedge fund executive doesn't bestow the right on any of them to state, in a patronizing tone, that "the pendulum has swung too far." Has it occurred to this group that the reason Englewood real estate hasn't "recovered" is because it was grossly overvalued to begin with? Finally, I don't recall ever seeing in the U.S. Constitution the inalienable right to low property taxes. Any given dinner party at the Turen home, the former estate of actress Gloria Swanson, probably costs more than the average Englewood school secretary makes in six months. They should be ashamed of themselves.       Jason Paskowitz ....Tenafly

All I can say is thank you Mr. Jason Paskowitz for saying what we could not in those words. You are more right than you know. I do not recall ever seeing Mr. Benaroya at a single board meeting. Any information that he has came from board members themselves. The information in the letter is not only condescending, it is not factual.

Read the letter that is the subject of the above comments from the Northern Valley Suburbanite: