Our Mission


We are Citizens for Public School Education. We are Board Watchers. We want a Board of Education that follows the Law, because following the Law works for everyone. The purpose of this site is to help close the controversial Achievement Gap that is the subject in many educational arenas and studies.

Teachers are invaluable when dedicated individuals and are entrusted to encourage, nurture, and teach each child to achieve to the best of his/her individual abilities.

Principals, Superintendents, Business Administrators, Support Staff, School Board Members, Attorneys and everyone else in the district must be dedicated to making certain that teachers have whatever they need in order to perform at their best.

Teachers must be willing to go the extra mile like millions have done before them. This blog promotes an active, accurate & objective telling of history that includes ALL cultures and their literary, cultural and historical contributions to building America. We are Board Watchers.

Everyone, Board Members included must hold the Achievement of Students as Priority as is mandated by NJ Law.

About the Editor
I am a teacher who no longer works for the board of education. I now work for the parents and students in my community in different ways bringing needed information. My education and training dictates that my part is to fight for literacy. "That Each May Learn" was the motto of my former school system. Remarkably enough, I believe in that. Every person deserves a quality public education equal to that of all others. The battle to make that a reality is a battle being fought on many fronts. Too many students are entering high school without good reading skills. We must start in our own homes and towns in order to make a much needed difference. We must keep public education equal regardless of race,  religion or socio-economic status.

My daughter went through the system to 9th grade. She could not function at Dwight Morrow High School. She graduated from Teaneck High School. I raised my sister's two children. The summer before entering the 9th grade, my nephew informed me that he thought he would not graduate if he had to go to DMHS. I separated brother and sister by sending him to live with his Father's brother in South Plainfield.

She was a bright energetic child that we thought would survive anywhere. She was groomed for the Academy @Englewood. She was accepted. I later withdrew her and sent her to a private boarding school in Pennsylvania. (and no, she was not pregnant) Her experiences at the Academy @Englewood
are not a good story for this page.

I have 3 grandchildren. The 13 year old will be entering DMHS in the fall. The 4 year old will be entering Quarles for kindergarten. The two year old will hopefully get a spot at Vincent K. Tibbs Child Development Center. I have a vested interest in doing whatever I can to improve public education in my hometown. My grandchildren are the best reason I know.

Credentials: BA English Literature w/minor in education k-13
                  Fairleigh Dickinson University 1975
                  MA Theatre Arts
                  Montclair State University  1977
                  32 credits beyond my Masters  in Computer Science
                  27 years teacher in Teaneck, NJ Public Schools
                  Citizen, homeowner and Taxpayer
                  Dwight Morrow High School Graduate 1969
Certifications:  Highly Qualified Teacher
                  Speech and Theatre