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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

QSAC: Governance F4, F6 & F7

QSAC = The New Jersey Quality Single Accountability Continuum. District Performance Review (DPR) 

The QSAC is an instrument created by the state to enforce the New Jersey State  Constitution and the Administrative Code, Educational Statutes and Regulations. You might say that it is the standardized test that the Board of Education, Business Administrator, Superintendent and other Administrators must take. The major purpose of the test is to make sure that the achievement of the students is given the highest priority.

Taxpayers: Parents, Community Members, Business Owners: The following is what the law promises and what our board of education has sworn an oath to supply. Is this what you see?

The school board conveys clearly and concretely, through the policies it adopts and the information that it seeks, that student achievement is the highest priority.

F. ANNUAL EVALUATIVE PROCESS - The school board engages in an annual and ongoing evaluative process.

F2. The school board annually reviews and revises, as necessary, an evaluative instrument used in the evaluation of the CSA, based on the goals and objectives of the district. (N.J.A.C. 18A:17-20.3)

F3. The school board annually evaluates the CSA and complies with all requirements of N.J.S.A. 18A:17-20.3 (a).

F4. The school board's annual evaluation of the Chief School Administrator is based on the adoption of goals and performance measurement that reflect that highest priority is given to student achievement and attention to subgroup achievement.

F6. The school board or advisory board annually undertakes a self-evaluation process which reflects that highest priority is given to student achievement.

F7. The school board or advisory board self-evaluation process includes a professional development improvement plan directed towards increasing knowledge and skills in policy making and governance for members of the board.

There are districts that understand that the QSAC is the state's assessment tool designed to evaluate the level of achievement  in the district.  Some  districts publish the document on line for all to see. 

What are the goals and objectives of the Englewood Public School District?

It brings to mind a song lyric that my Daddy sang on the back porch on occasion. I fought the Law and the Law won!
This is compliance. This is transparency. This is not Englewood, NJ.

                          How are the children?