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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Are Our Schools in Crisis?: A Dedicated Parent Speaks Up For The Children

Liliana Saumet (Mrs. Vasquez)

Liliana Saumet (Mrs. Vasquez) The definition of acting principal is serving as a temporary measure until something more complete and permanent can be established.  And that is not what we asked for.  Today, we have taken a 360 degree turn to take us back where we started without a permanent principal for the Middle school.  Therefore, if you thought that by giving this title to Mr. Thomas will shut us up, you are mistaken; instead you have added more fuel to the fire.  

With this action you have not only spit at his face or ours but you have spit the faces of our children.

Dr. Carlise, when you came to the district, I trusted you, I believed in you, but today I feel betrayed, because you have let my kids down.  With this nomination and the article in the Sunday Record newspaper, I have come to the following conclusions, first you are only looking out for yourself, your main concern seems keeping the board happy so you can get the $200,000.00 yearly salary that you were offered.  Secondly, this avoidance to give Mr. Lamarr Thomas the title of permanent principal for Janis Dismus school, is due to the fact that indeed some members of the board have major personal issues with Mr. Thomas.   Unfortunately, in this war of egos the only people affected are my kids. 

Mr. George Garrison, in the same article you stated that Dr. Carlise was brought in for being the best choice for a low ranking District.  I ask myself, was the best overlooking a person that has served the District for 16 years, have been a good teacher, and has proven what he can do during his tenure as a vice-principal for the high school, and instead brought someone first from the Hackensack district that ranks low like us and whom turned the position down, and then overlooked him again by bringing someone that came from a charter school with a student body of less than 100 children and she left too.  Tuesday night was the honor roll ceremony at the middle school, where the student body is approximately 430+ students, and that night 216 students received a honor roll certificate.  Some people will say, that it was due to the changes implemented this year by Dr. Carlise and Mr. Macchia, but a lot has to do with the job that Mr. Thomas is doing everyday motivating and guiding our children, since if we don’t have a strong leader to implement the changes nothing would change.  So I asked the panel today, if this is not the best, what is your definition of the best?

When I fell in love with those kids at McCloud last year I committed myself to them.  It would be very easy for me to just take my child and move to another school and avoid all this conflict.  But unfortunately, I cannot abandon my kids, if no one will fight for them, I will.  Therefore, since I do not believe in gray areas, I will tell you the following.  I will not give up my efforts until Mr. Lamarr Thomas is made principal of Janis Dismus Middle School, even if that means going to President Obama himself. 

I will make it my personal crusade to make this submissive community wake up and smell the coffee and make them aware that yes their vote or lack of vote does not affect them directly, but it does affect their children.  I know that you are the giant now, but remember in the bible David defeated the giant.