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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

They Captured Our Colors...And we didn't even know we were at war.

The Jabari Society:
International Associaltion of Black Professional Firefighters
Lynn Algrant, Mayor,    Photo courtesy of Kenneth Walton
Mayor & City Officials. photo courtesy of Kenneth Walton
It was a good day.
Everyone seemed interested. Some were confused.
In the war stories of old, soldiers fought to the death to protect the man bearing the colors. The flag. The flag bearer did not even carry a rifle. His job was to keep the colors out of the dirt and mud, to raise the colors high in order to inspire the soldiers toward victory. Our board president has often commented on the lack of enthusiasm or spirit for sports. How shall I put it? You have killed it. These students do not know for whom or what they are cheering. They chant the diabolical DMAE mantra with no air of pride. The traditional colors worn by their Mothers, Fathers and Grandparents have been erased. The colors on the gym doors and floors have been changed to maroon and black.

Our flag, our colors have been captured and we did not even realize that we were at war. Where are the plagues of the sports heroes that tell the story of the school. A rich legacy has been erased. There is obviously a separation in belief systems since some of the participants in this parade still strut about proudly in the traditional colors. The maroon & white & gold still looks best here.
Where are the banners? Children who are 100% involved and invested would have made their own out of school pride. Who is the Student Activities Director? Does the Athletic Director hold that job also?
They Chanted DMAE with little enthusiasm. The attire was not formal enough.
Again the color choice. The Fire Fighters set the tone with formal attire.
The black flag is not working. Who  did this? They captured our colors.
Gary Dennis & Garry Hollander with Band and Color Guard
Is there anyone who cannot see the difference? This group is seen. They
wore their dress outfits.
They have a sleeker look. I still question why the colors were changed.
It seems unlikely that the children made the decison without coaching.
Where is this group's uniform? I've heard so much about it, I expected more.
Only one school board member was in attendance. He is a father today and
marches with his son. Kudos Mark! Where are the others that belong
in this group? Did they boycott the event?
It was a great Father's day celebration.
Jersey City's Chill Town Steppers had the spirit of Free...
Strutting the colors, upholding a tradition.
More cowboys. The horses danced.
The actual parade lasted only minutes. From behind.
Business was good.
The little kids had rides
Fried whiting (fish) was delicious
Families shared food and stories
Thanks to the "Jabari Society" and other organizers the children were well on this day.