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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Are Our Schools In Crisis?: Why is the Board of Education at odds with the DMHS Alumni...

I attended the DMHS Alumni Educational Alliance's Annual Picnic today. I will begin this post by referring back to the board meeting of June 16th. Check out the video below. All participants deserve a PIE AWARD of some sort. The acting is exceptional.  I refer to it now, because I must. One board Member suggested that perhaps the DMHS Alumni Educational Alliance should not be allowed to use the premises during the picnic without payment, because they do not give scholarships to students from the Academy program. He also alleges that the DMHS Educational Alliance refuses membership to students from the academy. He and Dr. Segall allege that the Alliance treats the academy students differently. They also claim that the DMHS Educational Alliance has refused to comment on the situation. What a chuckle. Dwight Morrow High School is in serious need of a REVISED MASTER SCHEDULE.

I would like to go on record to say right now that Mr. Garrison, Dr. Segall, Dr. Carlisle and anyone else who supports the separation on the campus of DMHS is in fact supporting segregation. In so doing they are infringing upon the basic "Civil Rights of all the Students" that they are sworn to protect.  They are perpetrating a separation or division among the people of this town and this school district with the mere existence of the academy the way it stands." The DMHS Educational Alliance clearly states that the Scholarship goes to a Dwight Morrow High School Student. It was noted that the presentation of this award has gone to about 50-50 to Dwight Morrow High School Students on the North Side of Campus and to Dwight Morrow High School Students on the South Side of Campus. Why are we allowing this to go on? Does the North and South problem sound at all familiar to anyone?

We are not impressed. You know what you are doing is wrong. You are using the children to advance your own desires. You unite on the wrong things because you are feeling the pressure of your misdeeds.
"We see you. How are the children"