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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Are Our Schools In Crisis?: What is Title I?

Title I -  is a federally funded program designed to improve the academic achievement of poor and disadvantaged children in elementary and secondary schools. It originated with the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965.   Englewood New Jersey gets it's share of Title I funds. We must begin to monitor how the money is being spent. They would not qualify for these funds if low income families did not live here. Why do the low income families NOT benefit from federal monies meant to help their children?
A proud Grandma poses with
the sons of 2 of her sons.

Values Education - Transmission of values, such as respect for others, civility, empathy, and fairness. Also known as character education or ethics education.    You will not find any values education in Englewood. Englewood elite have shown themselves to be of poor character and have generally demonstrated an ignorance of ethics.

Englewood is a Title I school district. This means that it receives a large sum of money that is meant to help the children of low income families get the same educational advantages as everyone else. In other towns, it is well documented that this money is used to maintain remedial Reading and Math programs for economically disadvantaged children.

Where is Englewood School District's Title I Reading Program? Attend the June 16, 2011 School board meeting at 8pm Liberty School. Find out why this program no longer exists in Englewood.

Where is Englewood School District's Title I Math Program?

Where will you find graduates of Dwight Morrow High School concentrated if they attend college?
Check one close to home and you will see that they are concentrated in the Remedial Reading and Math classes. Englewood's education system has failed them. It sent them off without the tools they needed to survive in college or in the world of work. What type of VALUES EDUCATION ARE WE IMPARTING TO OUR CHILDREN? WHY IS ENGLEWOOD SYSTEMATICALLY NOT EDUCATING ALL CHILDREN?

Did you read today's Record? The surrounding towns have Academies and they are integrated into the general population. They had one set of King & Queen of the Prom in each school. They had one set of Valedictorins in each school. Check the papers for yourselves. Englewood looks very bad right about now.

New Jersey State Department of Education, are you listening? Are you reading the newspapers? Englewood Parents & Students need your help.


"How are the children?"