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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Are Our Schools In Crisis?: What is a TASK FORCE?

The article below was reprinted word for word from the njea Association newspaper for May 2011

Governor creates mandate task force
Governor Chris Christie has signed yet another executive order, this one creating the Education Transformation Task Force. The group has been asked to study education regulaltions with an eye toward giving greater flexibility to administrators.
     The task force is charged with completing a comprehensive and thorough review of all current administrative regulations that affect public education and providing recommendations to the governor that further the goals of:
  • increasing quality of instruction and academic acheivement for students
  • improving teaching and educator effectiveness within schools
  • improving the saftey and well-being of students
  • sensibly eliminating or reforming those regulations that are found to be unnecessary, overly burdensome, or not conducive to an efficient and flexible classroom environment
     Although no individuals have been named at press time, the group is supposed to include at least one teacher, a principal, and a superintendent. Among its charges, the Education Transformation Task Force will examine the Quality Single Accountability Continuum regulations known as QSAC. Currently, schools must file reports that deal with more than 300 indicators of a school's performance.
     The task force's initial report, with its recommendations to the governor, is to be completed by August 15. At that time, the group will take comments from the public, the N.J. State Board of Education and education stakeholders. Its final report would be due before the end of the calendar year.

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I am sitting here wondering what is different about the Education Transformation Task Force. Right now a small group of people are making decisions that affect the larger group. It does not seem from the description that this group would change anything for our children. The tone of it actually suggests that the Chief Administrative Officers will have even more responsibility. We certainly put a lot of confidence in the ability of one man. What makes a good Superintendent? What makes a good principal? Shouldn't the people who have the most power be evaluated by the people they serve, who by the way, also pay their salaries?

That Education Transformation Task Force sounds more than a little
scary to me. Mark your calendars for Aug. 15th.  We don't want to miss our chance to comment.


Our educators are no longer asking, "how are the children?" They are asking, "how is business?"