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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Are Our Schools In Crisis?: Are You Sure That The Revolution Is Not Being Televised?

                                Times have changed ...the
Revolution will be Televised

An incident happened at the Wellness Activity on Friday, June 10,  that left us infuriated. Students from the Eagle Program were removed from the premises by the administration of the high school. The students were accompanied by their teacher. What possible reason could there be for not allowing them to attend? Why were they not invited? I am yelling now? Why did you alienate them? Why are you further segregating the population of Dwight Morrow High School? The diploma that each of these students will earn will bear the name of Dwight Morrow High School. This is rather scary since a board member questioned the importance of the school being named after Dwight W. Morrow to my face.

My anger at the establishment is being directed onto more important things. About an hour ago, a former student sent me a link to the enclosed video. I always smile when Dave leaves me a link on Facebook. He is the perfect example of someone that adults totally misunderstood.  He seemed a regular James Dean, rebel without a cause sort of guy. He wore a black leather jacket with all manner of silver chains, (it was a great jacket) black boots, ripped tee shirts, black jeans worn soft. Sometimes Goth, sometimes not. Got the picture? He is now a Teacher in California.  I have been listening to Sir Ken Robinson all day. In his own unique way he speaks on the various areas of education as I have documented within this blog. If we are able to convince even 1 Chief School administrator to adopt a even a limited similar mindset when supervising schools we will have travelled one giant step closer to the goal.. It is just a way of looking at the problem that is in touch with today.

Sir. Ken Robinson: Bring on the Learning Revolution
Spanish Translation and Subtitles available

If you are confused, watch again, listen this time.
Oh, and we know that business is fine, but how are the children?
More information about Sir Ken Robinson may be found in the resources below.
Listening to the entire series was very enlightening.

Ken Robinson: The Hammer Lectures - on youtube
Ken Robinson: The Changing Paradigms - on youtube

The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes EverythingOut of Our Minds 1st (first) edition Text Only

 How are the children?