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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Are Our Schools In Crisis?: Are Our Children Getting Lost in the Mix of the Melting Pot?

How important is History? How many times must the many scholars demonstrate with data driven research that everyone needs a healthy connection to their past? Cultures that we are eager to emulate, nurture their children with a good dose of a rich cultural legacy filled with age old traditons that connect them to their ancestors. (examples: the Chinese, the Japanese, the Jewish, The Africans who still live on the Continent and the list goes on) Children and adults gain a sense of pride when they are able to trace their roots. Know who you are, then mingle, with your identity intact.

Lucy D. Walker & the late Rosa Parks
A really good friend of mine, a math teacher, married a Jewish man. My friend is no longer with us. Her daughter recently married a Jewish man. The ceremony was officiated by a female Rabbi, who is also an Educator and a Yoga Instructor. (A new and different kind of combination) It was a beautiful ceremony and even though I did not understand the words, the saying of them was mesmerizing. I was awe inspired. The actual ceremony and the physical decorations were based on traditions that date back to before Christ. This is a fine example of a rich cultural history. Americans of all natiionalities and religions must be able to teach traditions that date back to before America existed. (We must forget about the "Melting Pot"... since this suggests that we will lose ourselves in the mix) We must never lose ourselves or our children in the mix.

In the small hamlet of Englewood, NJ and in others across the country, a small group of people try to reshape history to their own convenience. This is the reason that we must never allow the tampering with History in the schools. We must know the History in order to prevent this tampering.  The Civil Rights Movement happened and is still happening. The System of Slavery happened and remnants of it still exist. The Spanish Inquisition Happened. The Holocaust happened. The Systematic Elimination of  America's Original People happened. We do not want the past to repeat itself.  When the schools refuse to teach our traditions, we must teach them ourselves. We must also let it be known that the schools are not teaching inclusive history. Our children must be armed with a strong sense of self. Right now "Self" is having a difficult time. Many children have become disenchanted with our silence and inaction. They have turned to groups that make them feel wanted. Our children are asking for our help. Help them embrace their ancestors without shame.

"Business is booming, facilities are beautiful, profits are high, but how are the children?"