Parent and taxpayer response

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The Gap

Englewood has a very unique history of Gaps. Prior to 1895 there were no African Americans in Englewood, NJ. The haves and have nots had skin pigmented the same color. The Gap was clearly economical and was based on housing. Immigrants did carry with them the Language of the country of origin, but this does not seem to have been a problem back then. The town had some very clear lines that each group of people did not cross. Folks living in the 4th Ward were the very poor and then there were the very rich people up on the hill. The Gap was the space between the rich and the poor. The Gap was geographical, intellectual and emotional. The children of the servants went to school with the children of their employers.

Does economic status have anything to do with achievement? Does one's address or 'housing' situation affect the way a person learns? That concept is still the subject of many scholarly studies. What has changed in Englewood? We know that the pigmentation of the people has changed. What else has changed? What factors have made Englewood one of the most unique, controversial and puzzling School Districts in America?