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Thursday, October 22, 2015

More Unadorned Facts...

stig·ma  stiɡmə/  noun
a mark of disgrace associated with a particular circumstance, quality, or person.
"the stigma of mental disorder"
synonyms:shame, disgrace, dishonor, ignominy, opprobrium, humiliation, (bad) reputation "the stigma of bankruptcy"
(in Christian tradition) marks corresponding to those left on Jesus’ body by the Crucifixion, said to have been impressed by divine favor on the bodies of St. Francis of Assisi and others.

"As a public servant you should be out there tying to improve everyone's quality of life--not just your own..." Jack Drakeford

Why does Molly Craig-Berry, who is already on our Board of Education, feel that a stigma will be created if EPSD becomes a Title I School Wide Model? In responding to a direct question, she made a point of saying that she was absent at the Board meeting in which the resolution was presented, but that she would have voted "no" because of the stigma.

Our entire High School Campus is already designated a FOCUS School by the United States Education Department and the New Jersey Department of Education. Why would we refuse the "coupon" that may be able to help us?

Englewood;s Identity Crisis is showing again. Englewood is NOT filled with rich people. It has never been filled with rich people. Last I heard, we are over 70% free and reduced lunch. How does a Mother of 3, who makes suggestions that we should favor her, because she is a female say that she would have voted against something that will help all children, because it is humiliating to her. Did she mean that the entire City will be humiliated. Rumor is that we also have approximately 50 homeless families. Where is the shame?

Who is to say that we have not been blessed with "divine favor" in that we have been chosen to be the stewards of those less fortunate?

Are we supposed to hide our faces in disgrace, because the media and those in power, call us the "working class". As far as I am concerned, anyone who works is the working class. So get over yourselves.

Title I — Improving The Academic Achievement Of The Disadvantaged

The Englewood Public School District is now a Targeted Assistance Model. That  means that we ALREADY ACCEPT TITLE I FUNDS. Every year, Title I funds earmarked for helping children Read, Write and do Math are returned to the Federal Government. Thousands of dollars go unspent when there are hundreds of children in need of help in READING, WRITING AND ARITHMETIC.  Check the past agendas and minutes if you are skeptical. Check out the reasons given by the law as to how Paraprofessionals should be trained and utilized in School Districts that accept Title I Funds.

The Title I School Wide Model helps ALL students who need the help academically. Where is the stigma in that? So if Parent A falls above the poverty line, the child will still qualify for the academic assistance needed. If anything, the STIGMA is eliminated.

George Garrison III, who is competing for a another term on the School Board, called it a coupon. You might even call it a "built in voucher" that allows students to remain in their own schools. It can be used to improve the entire school district. It might even bring help for our Professionals who seem to need assistance determining the most effective way to spend the funds to raise test scores.

Where is stigma in helping others? Where is the stigma in helping yourself?

Board Members are not required to be "educators" but they are required to read. They are required to learn more about the LAWS that protect our children and help them ALL to become successful "literate" additions to society. They are required to get the training required to accomplish this goal.

As taxpayers, we require the Board of Education to hire a Superintendent who will lead the professionals who are charged with the task of preparing Englewood children to compete in a global society. At the very least, they must be able to compete with the children from surrounding towns.

Listen to this 18 minute Webinar:
Title I School Wide Program: Transitioning from a Targeted Assistance to a School Wide