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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Good Students

It is so great when someone we once had faith in reaches an epiphany and realizes that he has been on the path of least resistance, but that path leads to a place that does not help our children academically.
It is rather like the spy coming in from the cold. The Jedi Knight emerging from the dark side, scarred but ready to fight on the side of the light.
We should all welcome Howard Haughton, Henry Pruitt III and George Garrison III into the light.
Regardless of what group of people gets a Board Member elected, that Board Member is then responsible to the State of New Jersey and must uphold the laws of said state. One cannot do this if one does not take the time to educate themselves to the laws governing education. This is what GOVERNANCE is all about.
We, the taxpayers spend $26,000.00 per year to train and educate our Board Members.
Ask Molly Craig-Berry how many credits she has.
If we are going to raise the bar for our students so that they are able to compete beside students
educated anywhere else in the world, then our Board Members must also educate themselves.
Up to now, too many of them have been very poor students. We want excellent students creating policy and establishing goals and objectives for our Superintendent.
Anyone who is unwilling to take advantage of the training, for which we pay, should NOT be returned to the Board of Education.
An educated public is the best defense against an un-educated Board of Education.
The LAW is the great equalizer. The Board must learn to create policy that demonstrates they understand and uphold the law and are true to their Oath of Office.

Mandated Training