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Friday, February 6, 2015

HERE AND NOW: Please Move Their Seats!

I would like to officially ask 
Howard Haughton,
President of the Englewood 
School Board

that he require Glenn Garrison 
and Stephen Brown sit apart 
at school Board

It is distracting to 
the public and disrespectful to 
the Chair for these 2
School Board Members to continue 
to have their own little meeting 
within the Public Meeting.

This behavior is in violation of the
New Jersey Open Public Meetings Act.

Mr. Haughton. Please move their seats!.... They are like 2 children in a classroom who crave
attention. The behavior is annoying and impairs one's ability to concentrate on the content of the meeting. It is also insulting since they appear to sleep through public comments.

New Jersey's Open Public Meetings Act        "The Sunshine Law"

"New Jersey’s Open Public Meetings Act, known as “The Sunshine Law,” is designed to ensure that decision-making government bodies in the state conduct their businesses in public except in specific circumstances where exclusion of the public is needed to protect the privacy of individuals, the safety of the public or the effectiveness of government in such areas as negotiations or investigations."
In other words, all of that whispering during School Board Meetings is inappropriate
bordering on illegal.