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Friday, July 18, 2014

The Academy Way: Is There a Super Hero In Your Mirror?

The Parent Partnership Association (Academy Parents mostly from out of town) are still calling for the removal of the high school Principal and Administration. They have some nerve to complain that the Assistant Principal does not exist online. They complained that he is not prominent on the Englewood Public School District website. It seems they want someone famous. Wow.

Now that is really reaching. Mr. Armental does not maintain the website. These people have been endowed with too much power. They are making demands that should be ignored. They are costing us an awful lot of money. No one has been able to show where Englewood Cliffs pays to educate their children at all. That needs to end. We are paying to educate their children and they are demonizing ours.

Did you know that teachers in the North building (the main building with the tower) are not allowed to teach honors courses?

Did you know that if a child from Englewood does not wish to declare a major in the 8th grade that they set themselves up to be chastised, demonized and looked down upon for the rest of their high school careers. Academy students must choose a major and stick with it through graduation. They have no choice. It takes more courage to just say "No" than to backstab any and everyone in order to be accepted.

Any Englewood Resident students who excel in subjects must be subjected to the Academy Way. Only Academy teachers are allowed to teach honors. How many of you think they are better teachers than DMHS teachers? If all of you raised your hands, you are right. They are not. It is a known fact that the Academy way discriminates against Englewood students.

Academy teachers have been allowed to reject STEM Education Programs when the entire world is embracing STEM Education.

Academy teachers are resistant to change. The program is 12 years old and has undergone very little change except that they have squandered over 30 million dollars and lost funding. Now the entire district suffers because of the Academy Way. They are stagnate, old fashioned and some are plain old lazy. There it is...

Academy teachers and out of town Parents have been allowed to have too much power. They are above the law. In any other School district their actions would be deemed insubordination. Increments (raises) would be withheld and teachers would be brought up on tenure charges. In Englewood, they are heroes, because the people you elected indulge them. You are paying them to dis you and your children every single day. That is the Academy Way.

Why do 5 members of our Board of Education allow teachers to run the entire district into the ground. The Academy Way is ruining the education of Englewood students all the way down to Pre-Kindergarten. Your tax dollars is funding this indulgence. Howard Haughton and his supporters must be called upon to justify this obvious slight of Englewood voters.

Out of town Academy Parents stand up for their "Academic Segregation". They have been indulged by

people that you elected. They have been funded by your tax dollars and based on their actions, they despise you and your children.

When are Englewood Academy Parents going to stand up for Equal Opportunity in Education for their own children?  

You may begin by demanding the dismissal of the teacher sleeping on the table during the school day that has gone viral among students, teachers, administrators, parents, community members and school board members. Who knows, it may have been during her preparation period and she is allowed to catch a nap during that time. What is good for one is good for another. It is time you started to collect information and to fight for yourselves and your children. There is no Superman or Batman waiting in the wings to lead you. You must find the heroes in your own mirrors. You have more reason to protest than they do. You also have more power. It is time you started to use it.  Stop the vicious cycle. Protest with the full force of your being. It is a Civil Rights Violation of every single child in the district. It is illegal. It is damaging your children. It is against Englewood's own school policy that must be enforced by the Superintendent of Schools.

We need a leader. We need a good Superintendent who can shut these people down. They are running our school district and damaging our children.

Hang in there, Mr. Armental and DMHS Administration. There are more of us who think these folks are crazy than anyone hopes. The program is not sustainable in its present state. It has never been evaluated to determine whether it is doing anything positive for Englewood Residents. It is certainly NOT integrating DMHS. It is only helping the Special interest groups. The Haves and the Have Nots. What does that even mean in this town? The Academy Way is killing our school district. We see it.