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Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Englewood Public School District Joins the War on the Impoverished!

Earlier this year, Harley Ungar, an EPSD Board Member made a recommendation that any child in need of urgent intervention, as determined by the STAR RENAISSANCE DIAGNOSTIC TOOL, will be mandated to attend summer school. The district decided without a formal resolution and on the recommendation of a Board Member that these children will  be retained if they do not attend this urgent intervention.

There are problems with this:

1. Recommendations come from the Superintendent, not a school Board Member. 

2. We have not had a Superintendent since July 1 of 2011. This was confirmed in a letter dated April 24, 2014 from the Executive County Superintendent. Even without that obvious problem, there are other issues that must be addressed. 

3. Transportation has not been arranged for the children mandated to attend summer school.

5. Parents who do not have cars and depend on the school bus to transport their children during the school year are being punished for their economic status, yet again.


5. The children must be taught basic skills by the classroom teacher and supported by parents at home. The TEST does not teach.

6. Is the child failing the test or is the school failing the child?

We have 7 school buses that sit in the parking lot of Liberty School. Why are these buses NOT being used to transport the children to school?

The Board is set to spend a million dollars on a maintenance shed (which they claim will not be used for maintenance). It is said that this shed/office building/maintenance garage will house the buses, yet these buses will not be used to transport children to a program mandated by the school district. What exactly will these buses be used to do? We have been asking this same question for over 2 years.

There is something inherently wrong in this type of logic. How does the construction of this shed which has 3 bathrooms (2 with outside access), an office, a break room and a bay for maintenance of vehicles improve student achievement? We have a problem with priorities here. At the same time that students at Quarles are slated to be moved into $200,000 trailers, and the Alternative School Students are in a substandard building that costs over $26,000 per month for 12 months out of the year, we are building a million dollar building to house buses. 

Where are the priorities in EPSD?

How are the children?