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Monday, March 10, 2014

17 Facts that Englewood VOTERS Should Remember!

  1. Englewood's School Board Elections were changed to November 4, 2014. 
  2. Voters will NOT be able to VOTE on the School Budget in November. 
  3. Voters must begin at the bottom of the ballot in order to put children first. 
  4. Voters will choose 3 NEW School Board Members. 
  5. Voters will choose a 1st Ward Councilperson. 
  6. Voters will choose a 3rd Ward Councilperson. 
  7. Voters will choose 3 Freeholders. 
  8. Voters will choose at least 1 Congressman. 
  9. Voters will choose a US Senator. 
  10. In Type I School Districts the Mayor appoints the School Board Members. 
  11. In Type I School Districts the Board of School Estimates decides the School Budget. 
  12. In Type II School Districts the School Board Members are elected by the VOTERS. 
  13. Englewood VOTERS, voted to switch from an 'appointed' Board to an 'elected' Board. 
  14. Englewood VOTERS wanted to be able to VOTE ON THE SCHOOL BUDGET. 
  15. 5 Current School Board Members VOTED to move School Board Elections to November.
  16. 5 Current School Board Members reversed the decision of the people. 
  17. 5 Current School Board Members created a Type II School District that cannot VOTE ON THE SCHOOL BUDGET. 

                                                           How are the children?