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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Save Our Schools

ATTENTION New Jerseysans: Englewood is over 70% free and reduced lunch. It is only one of the school districts that will be affected by projected cuts in state funding to high need districts. Newark, Paterson, Jersey City, Passaic, Camden, Asbury Park, and Garfield to name a few will also feel the cuts. 

Please fill out this simple form and tell your legislators to stop Commissioner Cerf's plan to cut state aid that will significantly affect low income children, children learning English, children that are homeless, children impacted by disasters, children who are migrants, children who are neglected and delinquent, and special needs children. Simply fill in your zip code and click submit. (the form requires those seldom used last 4 digits of the zip code) The children desperately need the power of your voice.

Click the link below and input your zip code including the last 4 digits