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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Suggestion Box EPSD: Positives

To current Board Members: If, while you are sitting at that long table the urge to interrogate personnel on issues germaine to the education and social welfare of your children overwhelms you, please get up and walk around the table to the microphone. Advise the Board and the public that you are now speaking as a parent and community member, then proceed. 

Children should not see stop signs
everywhere they look. I believe one
of your volunteers made a speech
on this very topic at a board
meeting last spring.
To the Administration & Teachers in the High School: Please find something positive to say when addressing the entire student body. A little positive encouragement goes a long way. Condemnation of fashion statements and threats of suspension do little to encourage an already maligned student body that is constantly reminded that they can do nothing right. The constant pointing out of the negative does little, if anything, to change the climate or culture of failure to one of success. Are you treating the student body the way you want to be treated?

A Community member was asked to say nothing, if he could not find anything good to say, after the presentation of the principals on Standardized Test Scores. Please take your own advice. It is not enough to invite a few students to a Board meeting to be praised while 996 go home feeling like failures.

                                          How are the children?