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Monday, June 18, 2012

Suggestion Box EPSD: Still Spending

A 4 million dollar deficit and still spending. When times are this hard, every effort should be made to STOP spending unless there is NEED. You have not proven that there is a deficit. Is it because it is a sanction and not a deficit?

Summer School must be conducted for those in need of credits to graduate. (June 13, 2012 agenda pages 10 - 17) This includes subjects such as Math, English, Science, Social Studies and a Foreign Language. It should only include those subjects. So why does this very expensive proposal include so many teachers who do not teach major subject areas? Why is there still waste? I should also hope that teachers who failed students during the year are not assigned to teach those same students in summer school. That is an extremely expensive summer school program. You also know right now which students will fail subjects for the year. You know which students qualify for assistance under grants to help them get through Summer School. Why are we even having summer school here in the district? Send these students to established summer schools in other districts (that work) and have parents pay on a sliding scale according to need. Your summer school will cost close to a half million dollars, if not more. No doubt this is probably grant money. Poor planning and work organization again.

Field Trips: The agenda for June 13, includes 41 field trips. (pages 3 - 9) This money should have been planned out better to do the most good to raise student achievement. Again, we see signs of poor planning and work organization, because you are spending Grant Money at the last minute. You continue to do the same things that have failed the children in the past. Who suffers?

The Pre-Kindergarten threat did not fall on deaf ears. For those of us down here in the Valley who have been paying attention, we know that you have been limiting our access to Pre-Kindergarten anyway. This cut hurts another group that you wish to threaten. Your fake lottery has not gone unnoticed. Try again. How many 3 year old children do you register from the Valley? You know who that threat was aimed to silence. I hope they are listening. They did after all elect you feeling you had their best interest at heart. Courtesy busing is another one of those coded threats. Give it a rest. You have been found out.

What exactly is a sacred cow? There is no such thing. You have thrown us and our children under the bus for no good reason. Was it worth it? You know which programs and services can be cut. Get to work and determine the NEED. Why should we tell you your jobs? The people that we pay a combined salary of over $400,000.00 per year must find a way. You made the choice. You need to fix this. Evaluate Dr. Carlisle!

Regardless of the tone the people use while feet are on their necks, you have an obligation to follow the law.

Another Suggestion: Dr. Carlisle. Stop luring folks into your office to strike deals. That does not make the rest of us trust you. It makes us stronger in the resolve to bring the law to Englewood. Word on the street is that a deal has been struck with the STATE. Does that put you, the Board and the State in bed together?  Well, if the board could sue the state, and you keep threatening to sue us, we can sue you ALL as one. Stop grandstanding and do some work. Earn your salary. We are not impressed with your efforts. Stop spending and start working for the children of this town.

We have video footage of you listening to women holding their autistic children with little or no compassion on your lips. On June 13, 2012, you listened to a simple request from a couple and proceeded to take nearly a half hour to make sure they felt better. Stephen Brown and Dr. Carlisle made sure to extend extra attention to this couple. Is this because they came as a couple and they were from a select group that you fear and respect? You have not made it a secret that you have open disdain for unmarried or single women with children. Do you think this goes unnoticed by the public? Do you really expect us to stay silent when you treat us this way?

So when did the Englewood Board of Education start having school board meetings on Wednesday nights? Mayor Huttle's Master's Plan Hearing is scheduled for Wednesday, June 27, 2012 and has been scheduled
for quite some time now. It seems that some people are not included in the future of Englewood. I am not planning to sell my house, are you? So why did the Board of Education plan a very important school board meeting on the same night as Mayor Huttle's Massa's Plan Hearing which has been on the City of Englewood's website for weeks. Are these 3 factions of government in cahoots against the students and the people of Englewood? The City, The School Board and The State of New Jersey.