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Saturday, June 2, 2012


Polling places have changed in Englewood, New Jersey and not just in the 4th ward.
There was significant confusion in polling place location in Englewood during the School Board Elections. Some folks tried to vote at more than one place. We can beat the confusion. Check those ballots. Make sure they have the same information as these documents. Call, write or email the Superintendent of Bergen County Elections if the information is different.

Click here for a list of streets in Englewood, New Jersey.
  • Find your Street
  • Is your house # on the odd or even side of the street? Look closely.
  • Determine your Ward & District based on your street (sometimes it is a different polling place for the same street) 
  • For example, I vote Ward 4, District 2. It is written W4D2

Click here once you KNOW your Ward and District numbers. This is a list of places where each Ward and District votes. Now get out there and rock it!

Yeah, it is very odd that different sides of the street votes in different places. Now we know.