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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Stop Throwing Our Administrators Under the Bus!

Stop throwing our Administrators under the bus...
On Thursday, March 15, 2012, Dr. Carlisle openly accused Principal Joseph Bell of being negligent in his duty to parents of students in the Eagle program. Parents in the district did not know that the students from Liberty School are in the process of being moved to St. Cecilia school. They say that it is a temporary move. No long range plan has been revealed to the public. It was not mentioned that a 5 year lease has been signed and voted in by the board on January 19, 2012. This is a  reminder to the Board of Education. You voted to accept the terms of that lease...The one that is on line right now. If you did not know the conditions of the lease, why was it signed and why did you vote yes?

Parents were not happy with the decision to move students now. They wondered why the move was being so rushed. They spoke about the poor condition of the building and that more time should be put into making the building ready. I wonder the same. We had been told that the students would move at the beginning of next school year. Glenn Garrison reminded the parent that she should be glad that they have a better place planned for her child.

Stop throwing our African American Administrators under the bus...
The majority of the audience was extremely aware of the fact that Principal Bell was being blamed for something over which he had no power. He did not have the authority. Permission for a move of that magnitude would come from the Superintendent of Schools in a written directive. The parents deserved a letter home from the Superintendent himself. Principal Bell spoke up for himself, but it was obvious that Dr. Carlisle intends to keep his foot about the neck of the staff in this district. 
Stop throwing our African American Men under the bus...

Mr. Bunch, another parent spoke up for his nephew. It seems his nephew was caught up in an incident in which a BB gun was allegedly used. Other versions of this story allege that this was a child's plastic toy that propelled a plastic projectile of some sort. This young man was placed in the Alternative school without his mother's permission. It seems that we should not be in the business of increasing the number of children who are exiled into the Eagle program. We should commit ourselves to not placing more children there against the will of the child and the parent. We should be about improving the prospects of the children who are already there. Where is the hope? Where is the inspiration? We admire what Dr. Bell has been able to do with the school, but we are also cognizant of the fact that the more children they move out of Dwight Morrow High School, the more children they may bring into the district as School Choice. We shall not allow the displacement of our children in order to accommodate more students of a complexion that suits the board. More attention should be given to what curriculum  is being followed and whether or not the equipment used by the Eagle program will have a place to be set up workshop fashion ready to produce in the new location. We need to see that facilities plans are being implement with the primary object being to increase the level of student achievement throughout the district. If one reads the strange lease signed with St. Cecilia, one understands that this was a facilities decision made because we needed to vacate Liberty School in order to get the rest of the 5.8 million dollars that is being used to help EPSD dig its way out of a financial hole. 

Stop throwing our children under the bus by outsourcing support staff...
Mr. Bunch referred to himself as an African American Man several times.  Glenn Garrison was obviously threatened by this man standing up for himself and his nephew.  He felt it necessary to hold up his flip phone and tape the man's passionate speech.  It is obvious that African American men with degrees and who demonstrate even a little individuality are under attack. It does appear that the board was over zealous in the punishment of this young man. Why? 
Stop throwing our female Administrators under the bus... 
Meanwhile, another item on the agenda was clearly marked as district employee, yet Glenn Garrison proclaimed that 23 lunch aides were stationed at Quarles school. He suggested that some of them should be let go. Marsha Howard, principal of Quarles had to stand and set the record straight. She found herself speaking from beneath the bus. And the board found themselves authors of another communication problem with the principals that run the schools.
Stop pretending you care and get about the job that we are paying you to do. Stop copying and  pasting important information. We caught that one.
Stop playing judge and jury. The punishment should fit the crime.
Do your homework. Take some responsibility for your own actions. It was your responsibility. Focus. Stop trying to get more money than you are worth. Earn cap. You were responsible for the lack of communication with the parents of students in the Eagle Program. 

Board of Education. It is time to evaluate the person you have chosen as Superintendent. The evaluation form should be public. Where is it? I would like to see the criteria that you are using to assess his effectiveness as a Chief School Administrator. You have not demonstrated by word or by deed that you understand that there is a legal process that shall  be followed in dealing with the Superintendent. While you are at it, it really is time to decide exactly what Mr. Hunkin and Mr. Harris are certified to do.

Stop throwing people under the bus. Stop throwing people under the bus.